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I belong to quite a few Yahoo Groups, which I absolutely love. (If you don’t know about Yahoo Groups, look into it. There are groups for every topic imaginable, and most groups are informative and very helpful. There is a lot to learn in a Yahoo Group!) Although one of the big reasons for the existence of these groups, especially in the sewing world, is for people to help each other out and to learn from each other. Sometimes, though, people will come to the group with very broad “how to” questions that would generate a large amount of material in a simple Google search. Is it that we don’t think to look it up ourselves, or that we think it would be easier if we just ask others for the information?

Others complain that the only help they can find is help they have to pay for (taking classes at a dealership, buying a course online, buying a book or DVD, etc.) Our expectation to find everything for free on the internet is really unreasonable.

Still, to satisfy both of these groups of people, there IS a wealth of FREE information on the internet, and much of it is visual, with either still or video pictures to explain the specific concepts. As many of us know, much of this is on YouTube, which takes a little search savvy to navigate, but if you try lots of different search terms, you can find all kinds of information for just about anything, including things you never wanted to see in your life! Beyond YouTube, what is there?

There are private and commercial websites all over the place that have videos on them, it’s just a matter of searching for them. One of those sites with high quality FREE videos is Nancy’s Notions. Nancy Zieman has an online TV channel, but did you know that she also has great videos on her store site? Check out her sewing videos and you’ll find all kinds of different video clips, many of which answer those “basic” foundational questions. It’s quite a treasure trove. Take a look today!

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