Sewing for baby girls

I must admit that although I would live a grandson as much as a granddaughter, being able to sew for a girl is going to be so much fun and I can only hope I can find time for even a few of the ideas I have. I also know that my daughter married into a lovely large family where she will receive lots of hand-me-downs, so anything I make needs to be special. My daughter is also very much a wash n wear type person, so ease of care is also a consideration. It’s good to know these kinds of things going in to avoid possible disappointments later.
Now for the fluffy dreams of sewing for the baby. First, every baby should have at least one special quilt. I want to make the Ducks and Bows quilt from the embroidery design set sold by Martha Pullen Co.
I have also decided to make a batiste slip to go with the christening gown, so that is my first priority. The idea of embroidering family names on the slip is so lovely, reinforcing family history in a tangible way.
Summer is coming, and Baby will need sunhats. There are lots of cute patterns in the pattern catalogs, so it is just matter of choosing fun fabrics. Baby will also need winter hats in a few months, so I need to find some soft merino super wash yarn to knit baby hats.
Despite my aversion to buttons and buttonholes, daygowns are a versatile part of a baby layette. Oh, the fabrics I could use from knits to batiste to fleece.
What about decorative techniques? Madeira appliqué, serger construction, serger ruffles and pintucks, serger lace, machine embroidery, appliqué, color blocking, and all sorts of whimsical decorations.
New PUL fabrics bring diaper covers into the mainstream of baby fashions so a few of those are practical as well as pretty.
There are currently several vintage pattern remakes in the pattern catalogs, offering many canvases for embellishment. Now just to find the time…

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