Creating a Christening Gown from a Wedding Dress – cleaning the fabric

Continued from What? Take your wedding dress APART?

I have been trying to clean the fabric, but the bottom edges are resisting all my attempts to get the ground-in dirt out.

(The dress isn’t yellow, but I took these pictures where the dress was hanging in the bathroom after the first soak and wash, so the light gave the pictures a very yellow cast.)

Both the lace edge and the satin edge are still very dirty.  I can cut off the satin edge, but the lace is a different story and is worth trying to rescue.  If the edge is ruined, the lace is pretty much ruined as well, and I have plans for the lace to be used in the christening gown.

My first soak was in cool water with detergent over night, followed by a wash cycle.  Then the fabric was all hung to dry.  I just tried again, soaking the fabric and lace in Biz with a good quality gentle wash detergent overnight, followed by a wash cycle, and although it’s better, the dirt isn’t gone.

My next attempt will be in Oxyclean, although my experience with Oxyclean has been good with stains, but I wonder if it will also get out ground-in dirt.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




© Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach and Cherished Needle Creations

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