Quilting and Machine Embroidery Team Up for Beautiful Quilts

Embroidery machines can be used for piecing, quilting, and embellishing beautiful quilts of all sizes. With an embroidery machine, piecing is more precise, quilting is easier, and quilts can be embellished with embroideries ranging from redwork and outlines, to traditional satin stitch embroideries, to monograms, to perfect appliqué.

On the internet there are many resources for embroidery designs that are digitized specifically for piecing and quilting.  Two designers who have published great print resources for piecing in the hoop are Eileen Roche www.dzgns.com and Larisa Bland at http://www.pieceinthehoop.com.

Three other high quality resources for downloadable piecing-in-the-hoop designs are Kenny Kreations at www.kennykreations.com, Skeldale House at http://www.skeldalehouse.com, and Queen of Stitching at http://www.queenofstitching.com/.  These are by no means the only sources for such designs, since this is a booming new area for quilters and embroiderers alike.

Hoopsisters at www.hoopsisters.com create complete quilts in the hoop. These incorporate more embroidery in addition to the piecing.  Some of the patterns are traditional, and some are contemporary art quilts.  Jenny Haskins at www.jennyhaskins.com is known for her embroidered quilts, and she has just now come out with a book, A Place in the Sun, an appliquéd quilt both appliquéd and quilted completely in the embroidery hoop.  Her other embroidered quilts are highly embellished and use many different techniques to achieve beautiful effects. Kenny Kreations, mentioned above, also has some wonderful embroidered quilts where embroidery is the focus.

Some digitizers have developed embroidery patterns for appliquéd and embroidered quilt blocks.  These are relatively quick and easy to create, and are much faster than traditional appliqué methods. There are several companies producing these quilt design sets. A recent addition to this family is Lunch Box Quilts at http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/.

Many of the major digitizers have developed quilting designs for quilting blocks and borders.  One of the strengths, however, of using an embroidery machine for quilting is that one is not limited to traditional quilting designs.  Any outline or redwork design can be used for quilting with incredible, personalized results.  A quilt sandwich is fairly stable, so most quilting in the hoop can be done without any additional stabilizer, making it very economical as well as fast, easy, and beautiful.

Machine embroidery can be used to make a whole quilt or enhance a traditionally pieced quilt.  The next time you feel intimidated at having to quilt a large quilt or pay for someone else to do so for you, consider using your embroidery machine to help you out.  The possible combinations of hand and machine work are limitless, and the precision of machine embroidery can enhance your work, taking it to another level of beauty and quality.

I am currently quilting a wall quilt using outline designs of dragons.  The quilting is hard to see in a picture, since I’m using black thread on black fabric, but that is part of the beauty of this technique.  I can use any thread color because I know the quilting will be perfect every time with my embroidery machine.  Here are pictures of my template placements.  Fortunately, for this quilt I just needed templates for general ideas for design placement.  I did not need much accuracy.  After I quilt the embroidery designs, I will free-motion quilt around them.

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© Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach and Cherished Needle Creations

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